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What Do I Get With a TITANTools account?

As a TV broadcaster, your free TitanTools account opens the door to a host of new information and valuable software tools.

You’ll gain free access to the following products and services with your TitanTools account:

  • STELA Compliance Tool – these tools are the industry standard for helping network affiliates handle STELA compliance issues.
  • Signal Area Map – this customizable online map helps your station visualize its market coverage. You control its accuracy by keeping your technical parameters updated via our Antenna TechSpecs tool.
  • Antenna TechSpecs – now you have the power to ensure your signal area tech parameters accurately reflect your station’s coverage.

In exchange for all of these benefits, our only request is that your station update its technical signal-area parameters regularly (once a quarter) to ensure that our signal area maps, broadcaster tools and signal reception information for viewers reflect your station accurately.

Sign up today– you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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